Ransome Manufacturing

Propane Gas Equipment, Vaporizers: Direct-Fired 50 To 1,000 Gal/Hr, Water-Bath 100 To 900 Gal/Hr, Electric 25 to 400 Gal/Hr, Immersion Tube 500 To 10,000 Gal/Hr, Steam 55 To 11,800 Gal/Hr, Mixers: Direct-Fired/Air, Water-Bath/Air, Modulating Proportioning, ASME Tanks: 124 Gal To 1,999 Gal, Control Systems, Bobtail Delivery Trucks, Burners, Sheet Metal Furnaces, Rail Towers, Dispenser Cabinets, Cylinder Vise & Stands, Cylinder Stamping Anvil, Cylinder Wrench, Flex Connectors, Chock Blocks, Breakaway Couplings & Bulk Heads

Ransome Manufacturing
3495 S. Maple Avenue, International Sales Dept.
Fresno, CA 93725

Phone: 800-342-8265
Fax: 559-485-8869

Employees: 50-99
Activity: Manufacturer
Year Company Founded: 1932
Export Markets: Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe

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Ransome Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of LP-Gas equipment since 1932, offers the widest selection of vaporizers, mixers, and control systems for Standby, Peak Load Shaving plants and industrial or commercial LP-Gas applications.

With Ransome Manufacturing's full line of gas plant components, you can match Ransome equipment to your requirements without compromise. We have more than 65 standard production models in our line of Vaporizers, Vaporizer/Mixers and Modulating Proportioning Mixers. Standard capacities range from 4-1/2 million to over 1 billion BTU/hour (50 to 11,800 gallons of propane per hour). Two or more units can be combined in parallel to handle any conceivable requirement. Ransome Manufacturing, the single, complete source of LP-Gas standby equipment worldwide.

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